Friday, October 7, 2016

Prophecies Happening, and What To Do

The Bible is a powerful script. I will not say why here, but my students know why. or at least they will. While many disregard the Bible, they do not understand its power. Many things came true from it, because it was planned. An agenda. So, knowing this should make everyone realize that what it predicted will only continue to occur until it is fulfilled. Look at the prophecies for the last century, growing worse and worse, and today being the worse it has ever been in any day in age ever before. That should tell you something.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven

This is happening now as we have fighting scattered all over, and a bigger war to come.

Before anyone receives “the mark,” God will send a special, final message to warn and enlighten a world filled with people He loves and earnestly wants to save. This special message is the message of “The Three Angels.” These angels represent human beings who understand and communicate this exact message with “a loud voice” to “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” Revelation 14:6-7

This is also happening now, as myself, and two others are proclaiming the truth to those who listen. but would many? No, the creator says not many will listen,a s they will not want to change. They no longer know the creator, being programmed and corrupt by this world. Only "the meek" will inherit the Earth. Some say this will be the bloodline who fought the serpent bloodline, of AB RH negatives, who are a meek 1% in the world. That is not true. I am of this line, but I say to you, that is false. Those with that bloodtype do have a program, if met with a full incarnated angelic soul, can become full prophets, but it is not only they who will thrive. It is the "meek" few, people who still believe and go on to know the truth of things.

We have brother against brother, we have perversion, sickness, ever growing terminal illnesses, and disease. We have immorality on massive scales, and a love of self, and of money. The list goes on and on. Obviously, the agenda is overriding things, and fine, let them have it. if a world built on the backs of  people they make corrupt, is what they want, then they will reap what they sow for sure later on when the people turn on them in a revolution. When leaders help show them a way out after they realize how terrible things have become. but for those of us trying to go on with life, and stay safe, we have concerns. Many asked me what to do. how to prepare. So in this article I have a back up plan for you, for when something happens.

There are many scenarios coming this way. With all that is going on in the world today, earthquakes, hurricanes, racial civil disputes, and impending chaos, it is smart to always be prepared for anything. Scientists say the sun is on the verge of a horrific solar storm that could take power away. They say the percentage of this happening is large. All that I am saying is, that there are many dangers on the horizon, and no one knowing when the exact moment will be for anything to happen or take place, and we do not need to be sitting all comfortable, and then some disaster happens, and uproots life. Many of us have our loved ones very close. Pets, family, children, and ourselves. Listen, the end is not going to happen some huge bomb. It will be gradual decreasing in mankind's morals to the point that no one cares anymore except about their own survival and in a greedy way. That will run society down on its own. There will be weather catastrophes like hurricanes beyond larger measure ever before. There will be child and adult relationship sexualization and propaganda. There will be new diseases with a need for new vaccines. Children born in this day in age will be advanced and develop sooner or some will be suffering from autism and ADHD more than any generation. Child murders, teen runaways with men and murders of parents. In 2017 and 2018 society will fall into a state of depression and then there will later be war. People will be obsessed with looks and no love or care for one another, no empathy. People will hide in their homes. Technology an addiction.

The end is not right now. This is the tribulation that is coming.  I want everyone to know that. We have a long way before the totality. But, we are living in dangerous times. Killer clowns, civil up rise, racism making it climb again, and the increasing volume of violence outside in our own neighborhoods. I am sure it is easier to live a lie, go about life and turn the other way. It's easier to live in a place of mental illusion, than to wake up and be responsible for change. I see it all of the time, in many people, every day. What a hard time to have a mission of spreading truth and trying to save others, in. Imagine as I plead for help from many, and do not receive it, how heart breaking and disheartening it is. I want to go home sometimes, but no I made a promise and I will keep it. First, is to make sure you have a safety plan though.

The creator mentioned to me the Mountains. My grandfather has many acres of land in the mountains, in which we will have access to. There are many reasons as to why he has told me to go there. However, we still all need to have the basics of survival, in case of war, or disaster. I have gotten together my survival pack, and will list the contents for everyone, to be safe. Again, the contents are for anything that happens. If you can not move away, at least make sure you have evacuation routes, using back roads (main roads in emergencies will be chaos and you can not waste any time)., and be sure to have a refuge place. This will be a place somewhere you and your family chose, far away form the danger, easy to get access to, and  stocked with supplies. I will list that at the end, but first, what to have on you and near by at all times.

Survival Kit:
1. Rope- rope is good for anything. Tying up threats especially. During times of disaster or war, people have the tendency to lose it. Back when Katrina hit, people went looting, and there was alot violence.
 Rope is also good if you have cross any where that has collapsed, like bridges etc. It can help you to pull heavy things, and also pull people who may be injured. Rope is always good. I suggest having three thicknesses of rope. Thin, Medium, and Fire fighter strength.

2. Extra matches and batteries.  These are good to stock up on, Flashlights are good to have too, and the batteries are great in case you need to refill, and if you ever need them for something else. For example, if you are looking for help and need to use a radio, but its batteries are dead, the extras will come in handy.

3. Walkie talkies are good to have, in case there is a need to send someone out to scout or look for other survivors. If power was shut off for any reason, then it would be certain cell phone towers would no be working. Walkie talkies keep everyone in contact. Thus the need for extra batteries.

4.  Sewing kits will be essential too for any repairs on clothes, tents, even emergency sutures.

5. Super High Calorie food bars. No one is going to want to carry around ten pounds of stuff, so the food bars a great for surviving. Some are so high in calorie, that you could split them in half and still get a good calorie intake. They last.
2400 calorie Food Bars I bought.

6. Processed food. Storing meals that are processed will be a good thing to have as well, for everyone.

7. Gallons of water. You can never have enough water! Having gallons saved, can be used for over heated vehicles as you travel from one destination to another without issue. It is good for drinking, bathing, and even washing wounds. Save up as much as you can.

8. Super first aid kit,  one complete with sutures, butterfly strips, gauze, band aids, burn cream, antiseptic, pain relievers, aspirin, thermal blankets,  thermometer, ace bandages, penicillin, vitamin c packs (helps fight illness), lances, saline solution, blood stopper, Glucose, alcohol wipes, and more. You want the whole kit, not the basic. You may need it for yourself, or for others effected by the event.
The one we have...

How to cope with an Attacker or Enemy

I hate to say this, I really do, as I am all peace, love, and optimism, but a wise person is one who sees the guidance of the heavens, and makes it happen down here on Earth. To listen, and surrender to the insight of a higher power. I say all will be well, nothing is happening right now. But the Creator says, having these items will serve an important purpose, as I know, later on. So it is good to have. but in the list of items includes something for self defense. Never kill anyone. Even if they are trying to kill you. Never. You must learn how to use self defense to disarm and disengage your opponent,  For example if there was a robbery and someone was trying to kill you, you do not want to kill them instead.. No two wrongs make a right. But you will need to protect yourself. So you take the best step, immobilize.

God forbid you ever had to resort to a violent way of protecting yourself, keep in your mind that this is a lost human being who is the threat here, and the Creator says to never hurt anyone to take their life. It is not your light to remove from this life, within another. So, after a plea from the heart to the assailant on how you will cooperate as long as they leave peacefully, and it seems to not be working, and only if the are still trying to pursue you for harm, or a loved one for that matter, you hit them in the knees with something and take them down. This is why I suggest having a club or bat in your survival kit. No guns. Having a gun, makes it easier for you to just pull the trigger out of fear.  Having your worse case scenario, having the weapon of a bat, will keep you focused, and knowing when is the right  time to strike.

Once your attacker is down, use your rope to ties their hands, and legs, then nurture the wound that you inflicted. Speak to the person with reason, "I am sorry I had to do this to you, I did not want to, but you would have harmed me and my family, and at least this way, we are all alive". Then gift them some water to drink, and wait to figure out what to do next. What do you do next? Give the person an option, "I can keep you here in safety and share with you our supplies of surviving, but you must not hurt or harm anyone, and I will not release the ropes until there has been trust established, or you can be left in a location of your choosing, and we will have to release the ropes there." Which ever that person decides, be compassionate.

Back to the Survival Supply List:

9. Pack up tent for sleeping, camouflage colors.
10. Thin travel blankets
11.  Pepper spray
12.  If you have children or pets, you want to have a rolling fold up cart too.
This will help you with your goods, and any small kids who are tired of walking, or pets you need to have with you.

13.  Knife, and a Mini Tool
Like this with a Hammer and all.. Can opener, saw, bottle opener

14. A tool box in your backup location.

The Backup Location 
The location you want to have will be a rest stop for all of you, in a wooded area in a quiet place without population. Have a nice spot reserved where you can hide a water proof box or container, with your goods. or, if you have a relative or friend, who lives in the country, ask them. Store your resources there. Have a car parked outside of the city or suburbs. Use a bike, as it will get you in and out of the traffic.  Then, get to you back up vehicle, and have gasoline stored in the trunk.  Earthquakes, flooding or power outages, will make it hard to obtain gasoline. 

Travel to this safety location. Stay there with your goods and tools that you stored there. If things are so bad that you have to walk for whatever reason, be sure to have each person in your family carry their own book bag, stocked with the items from the list. This way everyone has what they need.

 I am sure there are other things to add, but these are the basics. it will help, being prepared never hurt. Good luck, and I am with you always.

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