Thursday, March 22, 2018

Unleashed Spirits

In the world of soul types, we have many spirits that roam the planes. Good and bad. Like there are good and bad people on Earth, so shall there be in the planes too. Many who passed from this world exist there, and depending on which realm it is in the plane, or which plane itself (yes, they are two different things), there are many other types of spirits.

Lately, portals were opened. I spoke of this in Battle for the Soul... in my Illumination of Metatron site. It's true and if you go outside, you will finally see what I am talking about. I predicted this years ago. Back in 2013, I spoke of there being a "veil" being placed in the air, to suppress thoughts. Some say the Mandala affect, is a part of this. I agree. As a messenger, I love in the past, present, and future all at the same time. I have memory from my time being created and into the future. Not just for me, but for everyone who allows me the humble honor of accessing their records. However, I recall everything, only do not see it in this time. With the Mandala effect, it is different. People are forgetting all together. They forget even yesterday, or where they put their keys five seconds ago. It is all a part of the same situation. In the atmosphere, the portals were opened in tiny little holes that look like miniature black holes. Spirit only needs to seep a tiny particle of their energy through and then gather it all back together, once its in. As a result, many are gathering together, and making people so negative, to feed on their energy. Some of these beings are visible.

Good ones get through too though. This, I assure you. Spirit guides, and fairies etc, they also can enter here. I see all of them. Imagine walking down the street with a friend, and getting ready to walk right into a scary spirit. I jump back, and dodge, this invisible being before me, that clearly I can see, but my friend can not. She looks at me like I have been attacked by some invisible bee that was trying to sting me. I look upset, and as my eyes go from inspecting that spirit, I look around, and there are more. All around. I cry, and tell her we have to leave, we have to go back and return to the safety of my sanctuary, blessed and consecrated. She does not understand as she is not aware, but she knows me, and when I say something, she listens. We go home.

At night walking with my son he says "Mom,  feel like I am in another world". I tell him that is because of the dimensions gates being opened at night, "This is why they want to brainwash everyone to stay in their homes son, they do not want anyone to realize what is going on". A shadow figure darks across the street, another goes passed to our right. Suddenly, we are being chased across the street. My son, not psychic fully yet, sees it, and is so frightened, he almost runs into the stop sign trying to get away.

Even on nights, sitting outside, trying to look at the stars, (my daughter does not come out anymore), we sat looking up in the sky. Pretty stars, but wait! Some are moving. The tiny specks in the distance seem to disappear, shift in position, or they zip across the sky.

During the day, I see black shadows zip across the sky from the corner of my eye. I look but it was so fast it is now gone. None the less, I know to anticipate another appearance, so I wait and stare where I feel it will appear next. I am right, and it does. It looks like an enormous flying bat. But it is so fast, my camera on catches a tiny black speck, not worth showing anyone. Everyone in their skeptism will merely  dismiss it as nothing. However, they did not witness the entire event.

Just a few examples of how strange reality has become, and clearly a lesson on who rules here. I am not the only one who sees them. There are many others. Not to mention the low frequency humming through the air, and the strange sounds outside of my house at night. Other are having the same experience. I am the only one who really knows what it is though. In the planes of spirit exist many beings who look that way. Jinn are light beings. Smokeless fire, fire without smoke? Sounds alot like light energy to me. Jinn I know to be made of light, a lower vibration of energy that is red, yellow, blue, and sometimes they turn the light off to be invisible, and will appear as black.

Demons, the name demon  comes from Daemon, which in Greek meant a "nature spirit", if you recall, fairies, and elementals are spirits of nature. Jinn are also considered an elemental being. The call some devas.  So no. Not them. The daemon/demons got confused with something else. These beings are called in our angelic realm Sepsatra. But here, they would be wicked spirits. It is known that they wicked spirits are evil people who were promoted at death to the hierarchy of the wicked realm. But, those running that realm decided they would make the wicked spirit, to not look as they did while human, but to look like the animals or mixtures of them, that their sins resembled. This is why in the Ars Goetia, they have animal like tendencies. Someone greedy would have a pig for a head, stubborn and self centered, would have the body of a bull. To add to that, if the person had been good at corrupting souls, they wold make it to a Duke in that realm and be sent out to corrupt more, all who would become a part of their legion. Another example, is that if the person had been vain, and raped others, they would have half a human form, mixed with an animal, and some other perverted additional trait would be added. No offense but there is a spirit who has a male genitalia on his head. It is true.

In all, the spirits flying around the air are none of the above. they are spies (fallen angels). These spies are  from another dimension and watching people everyday. They also thrive on negative energy and from where you are standing on the ground, they do not look too big, but they are way up high which makes them appear smaller in distance. Up front and personal, they are about the size of a two-story home. I see them, but many others don't. There is a dark consciousness out there, and it is influencing many negatively. Please be watchful, you may see them from the corner of your eye for sure.

Beyond The Veil

I always cover the light side of things literally, but seldom do I ever cover some of the other spirits out there, who are not as nice. In my life as a psychic, having the "sight" was never easy. I have many stories in here, and in my Spiritually Awkward site, of my numerous issues with this ability. I have it totally under control, but that does not make it any more pleasant at times.

Not what it seems:

First of all, if you could see through the veil, you would know, that many spirits are tricksters. For instance, a random person may have an encounter with an apparition. They may see only the figure of a person. Nothing else is visible, except for that of a poor wandering soul, transparent, and seemingly harmless. A bit frightening for anyone at first, but still, seemingly harmless. Right? No, wrong.  I am teaching some really deep things in my Truthology Course right now. Probably things that the rulers of this world do not want you to know. And what that is, are the teachings of the original Illuminated Ones. The Angels. The rulers took sacred truths and confused them, mixed them with their deception, and kept the real truths to themselves. They held the wisdom so dear, they even had wars over it. But, they used it in the wrong way. The truth, they used against people, ruling over humanity as sleeping children, naive and without knowledge of why they are, or how they came to be. I am trying to illuminate (enlighten) people once again. Especially, in this day in age when things are coming to their peak. The reason I mention this, is because one thing that I always knew was this, an apparition, may not be just an apparition after all. And, it certainly is not harmless.

People, even psychics, can not see deeper. Inside of those apparitions, behind their spiritual masks, on an invisible level, there is something else. An entity of great negative agenda. The secret societies used these spirits for a long time, in their deception of mankind. Roger Morneau, a man who came close to being a full member of a secret society, even exposed this truth when he came out in his interviews. He specifically said, he was brought to see the spirit of his deceased mother. He swore it was her and would have continued to believe this, until the leaders finally revealed that it was a wicked spirit in disguise. He got away from there luckily.

In my life, I have seen apparition, after apparition. Being a medium, attracts all kinds of spirits to me. In that, there have been times that I saw what looked to be a deceased person's soul, and looking beyond the trickery, I saw a creature hidden well within. For instance, in a haunted hotel, I saw the outline of a ghostly figure. It was a little girl who had died there at age 8. I felt the energy, but it is true even with a benevolent spirit, one can still get off vibes, due to the energy. However, I still wanted verification, and took a deeper look, and right there int he background of this girlish image, was a little entity which had a face resembling something much like a gremlin. I have no other word to describe it. I shuddered at the thought that this entity was using the image of a little innocent girl who died tragically. Any other regular psychic would have saw only the ghost of the girl and tried to communicate. Then, they would have had a spiritual attachment later on, to follow them home. That would lead to all sorts of trouble. But many wish to have these powers, without thinking of what is needed to be safe, and to be sure.

What is there?:

What is on the other side of the veil? Being in 3D, humans are confined to a physical perception. Here, there are good people, and then some are bad. Even worse, we have humans like serial killers, pedophiles, sadists, and more. Now, imagine the same on the other side, only without physical limitation. Scary right? Can some take on a physical appearance? I'll talk about that in my next article on Truth of Living Light- Truthology, The Blog, as there is much to speak on. for now, a simple answer, yes. Some. It takes a great deal of spiritual power to take on the feeling and appearance, of being a physical form, when only a spirit. But who are the spirits on the side?

There are so many, I would be here forever naming all of them, and the ranks are set up, like the government is set up here. Both the spirit world, and the physical world hold their hierarchy as the higher planes do. "As above, is so below" after all. There are souls of the deceased, those who have passed from this life, to the afterlife.This means that they merely have only shed their physical form. And we know, all types of people die every few seconds in this world. Imagine all of the types of souls there. There are spirits of the elements, who are not so nice, and ones who pure and benevolent. In that world beyond the veil, there are thought forms, positive, and negative that can float into your aura and influence your way of thinking. There are extremely intelligent souls who lived on earth who are now in spirit world too. Some, criminal masterminds,  and some, kindly geniuses. Those criminal masterminds, will try to get a living soul to take part in criminal activity. There are also people who were addicted to things like drugs and sex, who even after death, can not shed the longing for those things. So they too, can influence a living person to get involved with those habits, so that they can get enjoyment of getting to live their old life, through what they make the living soul do, what they used to do when living themselves.

Some spirits start out nice. they are merely just someone's Aunt, or Grandpa. But, those who die tragically or suddenly, they do not fully realize that they are dead. So they are in a state of black out for a bit. However, once they come to their senses so to speak, they get upset. Then, they seek out a beloved relative. Not being able to communicate, they try to knock something over int he home for attention. The relative is not thinking it is their dearly departed, because they do not recall their lost family member, doing things to scare people. So the person will automatically assume it is a bad entity, and try to ignore. The spirit tries over and over again, but to no avail. Now, their desperation has turned into frustration and anger. They are a bitter spirit, one foot in the realm of spirit, and one foot still trying to stay in the land of the living. Many psychics try to lead those souls to the light. But, if they do not want to go, they won't. Then, they become a haunting, or worse, a poltergeist. Once a spirit is known to be confirmed, or they realize that they can communicate, but only through fear tactics, they will stick around. The once kindly old Aunt or Grandpa becomes a demon. An entity who is now angry, and the anger turning slowly int rage. This energy can be noticed, or go un-noticed. It depends on how sensitive your are. Usually, the spirit will go for children or pets first, as they are more open to notice their presence. Or, they will go for the most spiritually sensitive in the house.

Once noticed, or felt, the spirit will not leave. Being there, the spirits attracts more spirits,of all kinds, and then it is an infestation. Many do not even realize when they have an infestation, because the symptoms mirror much of what every day life has become. In the instance of an infestation, the spirits who came to reside in the home with the living, will attach to a person in the home. One spirit, to one person, sometimes even more if there are not enough people in the home for each to have their own host. Depression, drama, anxiety, feeling uneasy or cold, having nightmares, and avoiding certain areas of the home without knowing why, are the first signs. Home will not feel so homey anymore. There will be a strange feeling to it, like a dread, or dark cloud came over it. The feeling of being watched, and mood swings, will come next. The people in the home, will even start acting differently. They will have aggression, irritability, and become snappy. Many get quiet and withdrawn, wanting to not be bothered by anyone and retreating into a world of their own. Some will feel tired and fatigue, un-motivated, for no reason. That is when a home and it's family, will need help. All that will come after that, will only be hardships. Money issues, not getting ahead, feeling stuck and held back, creative blockages, not being able to see the future for themselves, as well as their being arguments between relatives, are the aftermath, as the spirits slowly tear down life all around them.

Not only do thought forms, the deceased, and scary little entities exist there. but, some pretty strange astral entities live there too. Some having been created there, they know nothing of this world, and their ways of existing are completely different, strange, and science fictional. Spirits like those, can affect dreams, and even thoughts. It can get strange too! Beyond the veil, also contains beliefs in beings spoke of here, with all of the energies of every person who believes in it, adding together to make it an identity all its own bringing it to life.  An example of this would be Mothman, The chupacabra etc. This goes for good entities conjured by the imagination too. But for the negative and frightening ones, all one has to do is think of them and get a spark of fear, and it will appear to scare the person even further, and take some of their energy to continue existing.

There are also forms of consciousness that travel through there from the living who project either deliberately in astral projection, or by accident while asleep. Then, there are interdimensional beings in the  huge mix too. With the duality of it, there are good and negative energies beyond the veil, and many do not know what they are looking for. What really tops this all of is, with the scientific and Quantum research into energy for technology, the government discovered how to use this realm for themselves too. They can send highly trained psychics into that realm to astrally spy on someone, to alter a person's mind and their thoughts, and make them behave any way that they wish. If they have mastered  wireless energy that they made to crosshatch through the air for the internet, then you should believe, and ought to believe, that not only is internet streaming through the air, but your thoughts and emotions are too. There is a whole other subject I could make on just that.

It is very important to be careful when working with spirit. You may not be able to see as deep, or you may think that you can, and in reality, you may not. Believe me, you would know, you would not be able to live normal ever again if you could see beyond. But it is true, you have to be safe. Make sure you are not just going to any random psychic reader, or healer for that matter. Not having insight, they could end up being who causes an issue for you to begin with. Yes! If a psychic can not see, and is very open anyway, they may lead the spirits around them to you. They should provide some form of protection too, like a prayer before the readings. That should be good. Cleanse yourself weekly too. If you find that any of the symptoms that I listed above match your life, you may need some big time help. Contact a trusted spiritual adviser.

It is a fantastical, surreal world out there, and it can be a dangerous and frightening one. The bottom line is, what is seen may not be what it actually presents itself to be. And for those of you out there who can not see anything at all, does not mean that it is not there. I assure you, there are spirits out there.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Clairvoyance- Opening the Third Eye

Welcome, with blogs all over the place, I never really know what to do with this one. So, I am going to use it once and for all, as a portal for wisdom on souls, and psychic things. With that, here is our first blog entry with the new site construction. I hope that you, the reader/s enjoy it. Let's learn how to use the third eye to develop clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is a gift that goes way back in time. Used by the ancient seers of the old world, we were sought after as priceless heirlooms. Every King wanted one to foretell the future of their successes.

How To Expand The Third Eye:

First, sit in meditative position. You will want to do the mantra of "OM" for about 15 minutes. Then, you will want total silence and peace. Be patient with it. Things do not happen right away for those untrained.

Sit in the glory of silence. let your soul be at peace, and distinguish and racing thoughts. Try to quiet and old memories or thoughts, form entering the mind-scape. Let yourself stay wide awake and alert. Focus on the area of your forehead, that's is its center. Roll the eyes up a tiny bit, without strain.

You should see definitively, clear vision and sight of people, places, or landscape. it will be up to you, to discern what the symbols mean to the mind.  It is that simple. If you want to really push it, there are other methods to exercise the third eye for you.

What is clear sight (Clairvoyance)?  Clairvoyance is when you have a clear view, (not a small flash of an image) but a real clear viewing of another world or version of it. You will see as clearly into it without trying, as clearly as you can see into this one. For example, I do not know how advanced other psychics are, I only know my own examples, but when I am using this gift, I am able to somehow turn off the vision of this world, and look into the nest. I do this without strain, and with my eyes still open.

Some say that remote viewing is something like Clairvoyance. I do agree, that you would have to have clairvoyance, to remote view. Some degree of it, would be necessary. Remote viewing is another topic, and just as complex. We will learn about that later on.

For now, relax your vision, and try to tune out this world. Start with the exercises that I gave you, and again, be patient. Nothing ever happens over night.  In time, you will find that you are able to get some glimpses, that later lead to huge visions of imagery. That is, if you are meant to. Some ask me, "Why can I not see what you do?". I hate to say it. But other psychics will tell this too, "You have to be born with a psychic gift to utilize one.". This day in age everyone is psychic and honestly as other true psychics would agree, it really takes away from the sanctity of our ancestral lineage and it's gifts. You see, many of us were born this way, as it was passed down int he family. Some will say "My mother was a bit intuitive". And they think that it automatically makes them that way too. Not really. There's more to it than just that. Some family lines skip a few generations, in passing the gift on. Some only happen once in every 10 generations. Others, only skip just one. It really depends on your family line, and their connections and blueprint.

So, some may wish to have abilities, but it may not be meant to be. However, it does not mean that you can not try to expand your awareness, and then expand your gift. With the expansion of your mind, you can do anything. So try. Give it some practice, and you may find that you develop easily, or with a bit of difficultly. None the less, it is still worth a try right?

Some things to remember as you practice:
1. Always shield in white light (even in practice). You are opening a window into spirit, and you never know what can get through. Even with my true live horror stories of things that have happened to me as a psychic growing up, it never dismayed anyone into not wanting to try. But be safe.

2. Be sure that you know the difference between a mental image, and an actual vision.

3. Always remember never to use your gifts on anyone else until you are totally certain. Lying or deceiving anyone, will bring you horrific karma. I hate to be the person who gets that! The psychic spiritual world is working with people's souls, it doesn't get any more serious than that. Mis-information could ruin their life experience, and confuse them enough to deviate them from their course.

4. Try to not be afraid. There are good and bad spirits, like there are good and bad people. Some are scary but if you are positive, they will leave. A hint of fear, and you have a new best friend of the worst kind.

It will work for some, while it may not happen at all for others. Some, may also need to cleanse their pineal gland, to have clarity.

That's all, good luck, and many blessings. Keep in mind, the spiritual world belongs to the Creator an the spirits, always be respectful, never push spirit for answers either, and they will work happily with you.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Laws of Interdimensional Travels

Greetings Brethren,
I call to you all from the beautiful network of light, here within the Dreamscape of our inner Universes, the collective in which we all connect. It has been awhile since I last submitted an article. I took some time to focus on other things, and I saw many changes too, in the communities. We all believe what the inner truth tells us, for each it will be slightly different. So then why all of the animosity? As seedlings of light, are we not here to bring messages of our Unique missions, but to also have a similar theme? Of kindness, and of unconditional love? Yes. That is the Star seed way. However, I am not merely a Starseed, so some of things that I am able to achieve, others may not. That is depending on their higher self and level of wisdom. I will not say it is impossible though.  Just in the last two days I was traveling OBE, to visit my home and origin. But ont he way, I dropped by Sirius. I did so, to see if any other souls needed to be revealed on Earth, who had come from there. The gatekeeper will meet me on the outskirts, in the in-between, as I call it, and he will speak with me on important things, including souls incarnated.
I spoke with him, and then went to see my own family of light. I was going to  tell all about it, but I thought the message that the Sirian soul gave, was just as important. So, I will give that insead.  (I also put a smaller copy of this, on
Traveling in between having to be a part of this reality here, I have left and floated into realms and layers of the multiverse. It has taken me to many realities, and places full of the imaginings of each of us, and many others who exist not only here, but beyond this reality.  I have seen so many unlimited potentials in the matrix programs  that hold so much creation. Being able to travel inter-dimensional, is not an easy task, and requires much responsibility. For those of you who also know what it is like beyond this reality, there are so many pleasures, as well as dangers, in the  planes of higher consciousness, as well as realms that are parallel. Many believe that just because something is light, that it can be negative.
Quite the contrary though. Because, all of light is intelligence. It's frequency, the language of it's existence, and holding within it a message, memory, or the beginning or end of one.  There are many beings who have mastered the light and used it for dark things and agendas. You see this, in how the rulers of this reality have done so.    Then there are great emissaries of light in which bring wonderful forms of intelligence that are the Creators of worlds made of the fabric of love and peace. Indeed, we have so many creations to reveal. 

Just yesterday, I had been traveling within the cosmic realm in one of the dimensions held in the reality of Sirius.  I have discovered many souls here incarnated on Earth, from Sirius. I love the beings there, and they are so wise and advanced, for their world. In that realm, the landscape was aglow with light blue light.  One of the elders there had presented themselves to meet me. Many do not understand that these worlds are different than here. Some things, are so different, that there are not words to compare. And when trying to explain, it simply ends up sounding science fictional, than real. And that is because it is not real to here, to this world.  However, it is very real, for those existing there.
He came floating on a sled like device. It looked much like a sleigh, surrounded by soft white light and fob. Then, he had a blinding white light behind him. To some, they would not have been able to see his face beyond the light, but I could. He had the face of a man, blue in his skin tone. He had a cat like mouth and nose, with feline eyes that were orange, and fiery. His face was elongated but vertically like some other races. His was elongated horizontally, widened a bit and heart shaped.  There were distinctive markings under his eyes, little spade like symbols under each eye, with one single dot beneath them. He had his hair long, and was a texture much different than anything I have seen here on Earth. Their DNA  is very different there. He was not much larger than me, myself angelic in size, but he was thin, beautifully thin and  proportioned. He had a long thin stature, and his long hair which was matted in dread locks, and then tied on the top in the middle with some of his hair left down on the bottom and sides, seemed to hang without movement as he levitated on his "sleigh".
Behind him was a portal into his reality, spiraling, and made of particles of bursting colors that burst in and out of sight all around. It was like a glittering tunnel of energy, a vortex,  and it looked very distorted, as if looking in through water, to see landscape out on the other side. I could see into it clearly, as the waves of the center, kept moving the imagery. I wanted to enter. However, he simply pointed to his side, and telepathically I floated there to be next to him. The walls of the "in between" were dark, and electrical currents lined the walls. It felt much like a vacuum, and it had utterly no sound.
He spoke, but his lips did not move. I heard him loud and clear. he wished to speak on how many travel into his realm, or try to, and that many have such a great disrespect of this privilege. I agreed. But how to show everyone that this is an honor. That before, many from Earth could not reach outside of the matrix. And that now that they can, that they must respect the laws of the higher planes. I told him what I knew to be the laws. He said his were similar there, but a few differences. So he told me, that the main laws he wished for me to relay back to planet Earth, are the ones of traveling beyond. Connected to him here, his voice streamed within, and his message completed its transition to my consciousness.  I would bring it back with me and relay it to the Earth's communication platform.
Before I left, I had to cross between worlds, and as I did I dropped down into the 4D world in Sirius. I had to get back to 3D, and then cross from one veil into the next there.There are other parallel worlds of 3D too. As I reached into the 4D world, I saw the Sirians who had a lovely mixture of species and races. Some who were like the male being that I had just left, but smaller. And some who were small little beings, only 8 inches in height. They lived in a nature setting with a little city hidden in a jungle like scene. They were not malicious beings, but they would attack if they felt threatened, these little tiny people, who would do anything to keep one another safe from harm. No one was aware of my presence though. I was invisible in spiritual nature to them, floating in the veil, ready to move to the next realm below.
I got back and excitedly, I jotted down the message, and here I am. I send it out on as many platforms as I can. The laws of inter-dimensional traveling, according to the Sirian gatekeeper go as follows:
Laws Of Inter-Dimensional Travel
When traveling interdimensionally, be sure to let go of all negative anchors at the time. You should release them permanently anyhow for your soul's sake of evolution. However, if you are carrying any negativity at the time that yo pass through, you could infected the other realms with some of the Earth's negative virus. Even a small amount can affect an entire realm, and grow into something much larger later on.
Be sure to shield and protect. create a bubble around your light body. If positive, your light body may be protection enough on it's own, depending on the vibration.  If you are unsure about whether you have enough of a vibration to chase away any parasites, then shield anyway. 
Do not engage with too many beings. Interfering with too many places and beings, can leave a lasting impact, that could change their time (if they abide by it), and influence their world which may be very different according to their laws, beliefs, and ways.
Be careful not to jump up and down in the levels of the dimensions. Going too high, and then low, and back up high again, can hurt your light body. Each light body has its own vibration. Each realm has their own too. Having too many currents of energy running through your body, can be damaging to your light body. Imagine a light bulb with jumper cables attached to it. You are a light source, but that does not mean you can not be harmed. Your light body will transition from it, but coming back into a physical form is what is dangerous. It could make you feel weak, by bringing back a light body that has an altered vibration that the physical form is not used to.
Always be honest and truthful of your findings. These worlds did not ask for visitors, and they too would like privacy. However, it does not change the fact that others can and will travel in and out. Many do, from all over. So, at least being honest of what is seen, is a respectful way to show you have good will towards all that exist. Many lie. I have heard some who claim traveling or channeling, that were making the whole thing up. I also saw others who made up stories, and made a race who was kind, look like they were malicious, simply due to being afraid of how they looked. The traveler merely judged by appearance, and made it seem like there was threat, and left fear in others afterwards. This made it hard for the beings to make contact, with the stereotype attached.
 Have no judgments, and be sure your consciousness is ready. What you will see is nothing like this place. There are strange things out there, only because they are very different. Some will look a but scary according to what Earthlings have classified as frightening, but be harmless none the less. This is why you must forget everything that you think you that you know already, before going out of this matrix. This is why your consciousness should be ready first. Your vibration has to be higher than Earth's to leave Earth anyhow. Those heading off into the astral worlds, will find that they can do with great ease. But the higher planes? Those are harder to get to, and harder to get back from. If your vibration is to low, you will not make it. If you get there and your vibrations raises up too high, and you do not know how to lower it back down, then you will not come back. It is tricky work.
The last thing he mentioned, is that anyone who traveling, must not disclose the secrets of how to do so, to those who are not ready yet. He exclaims that there were many who came in and out, who had corrupt agendas, and used the wisdom and honor, to violate other beings, their secrets, technological studies, and use it for greedy gain on Earth. Wisdom is knowledge after all, and many can use it for their own purposes. Be careful to respect the realms this way.  I left him with his last words, which were "Tell them to be careful, not to bring a hitchhiker back with you too".
Out there there are many entities who purposely float in the "in betweens", and looking for access into another reality. They can not gain it, without a gateway. Latching onto a travelling  light body, would be the exact gateway that they needed. Once in our world, they would be invisible energy as they are not of this "programming", but they could still have access into the energy here. Usually, they latch on to the aura (electromagnetic field around a physical body), and they will consume the energy. Afterwards, they would implant thoughts and weaken the person.  That weakness could leave them open for other entities who can travel through the realities, and also spirits who live in the planes of earth's dimensions too. Some of them thrive on that type of energy. It is very harmful.

The Sirian Being, gave us good advice. I hope that you will follow it so as to protect the sanctity of the realities outside this one, and the Earth's too. I wish to you, who ever you are, good will and happy travels. It is a beautiful thing, to be able to not be confined to just this reality here. However, it is something that should be kept in great care. 
Infinite Blessings to you, and those you love...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Fresh New Start- Update

"I came, I saw, I conquered."  A quote by the infamous Julius Caesar.  Now, while I have my reservations, on the story and history, I still love this quote. It speaks of an inner strength, to accomplish all that one sets out to do in their dreams for life. You certainly can, achieve anything that you set out to do, with enough will power and strength.  We can make our dreams come true together!The new year is coming soon! Already! Wow, time went by so fast.  There is a lot to do in this upcoming year ahead. And, I want to start fresh. Therefore, this is a simple update, just to inform many of you who follow me here and in other places, that I will be updating the blogs. I want them to have fresh and brand new content. 
All new subjects, and content, new concepts and exciting information and ideas, will all go up for the brand new year. Let's start the new year with a brand way of life, and learning!

I am excited for this upcoming year, spiritually that is. I know that physically, financially, and all of those mundane things of planet Earth, can be trying and hard. But with our spirituality, we will have something to look forward to, and successes to chase and accomplish. That will make life so much better!

See you all soon. And thank you for all of the support that you all have shown me this last year.  I hope to help you all moving forward into your goals more and more! That's all, just did not want anyone to be surprised if they saw some of the older stuff was missing. I will keep the ones that had alot of views on them though. But the posts which did not seem to be interesting or had content that is a bit "too much", will leave to make space for the new!

Have a blessed day, you and all of those that you love.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October/November Planetary Energy

October/November Influences

Oct 18

Venus enters Sagittarius
Venus entering Sagittarius, is bringing in energy of great passion, and thought. Many will long for love at this time, but instead, find that they like being on their own. This is the sign of philosophers and spiritualists, so the love will be placed into those practices, and if in love, shared with their lover. A time for communicating your greatest ideals.
Oct 22

Sun enters Scorpio
This energy will have you looking into mysteries, and intrigue while trying to break through barriers that have been keeping the secrets in. This all happens as the Sun enters in Scorpio on October 22nd. Use this time, to seek for truths, because if you seek, you shall find.
Oct 23

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune
Many will question if their career really fits into their beliefs or dreams. Does it? There is a need for balancing things here. Joining the career with the life purpose is ideal, but is it destiny?
Oct 24

Mercury enters Scorpio
Look for your own inner communication in trying to talk yourself in to forgiving. This brings letting go, but while still thinking over, things that hurt you. You will find great understanding in all that has happened, and it will lead you to spiritually seek answers in a logical way for you to have total wisdom. Seek answers, in order to not have to ponder over you thoughts in regards to old hurts..
Oct 30

New Moon 7 Scorpio 44
Make a wish! This is a great time to work magic if you have no karma to block it. Also, this is a time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, protect your energy! The New Moon in Scorpio, helps in renewing your interest into mystery, and sets you off into a new direction of understanding while you keep alot of things to yourself. Don't look to the past for inspiration. Look to the future.
New MoonScorpio44′
Nov 9

Mars enters Aquarius
A battle! Your thoughts will not match your emotions, as you feel sensitive towards your beliefs, and those who question them. You will feel like you are right in what you say and "know". You will also have more of an open spirituality this time, without fear of showing it. However, you may have some strong intuitions, and it could make you feel drained. Be careful to not be too overconfident, and listen to other points of view.
Nov 10

Saturn Semi-Sextile Pluto
Organization, working on figuring yourself out deeper, Saturn and Pluto add to your inner seeking. But they also add to the wondering of where you are going with things. This energy says that there is much to organize as to where you are heading in all areas of life, even in an unconventional way.
Saturn15° Sagittarius26′
Pluto15° 26′
Nov 11

Venus enters Capricorn
The innocent love of self, passion, and friendship come up around this time. Loners will be content, and coples, will see a lot of love, and communication come from this energy. Love all over! Love for your life, career, and people in your life, will be its strongest. This will have you wanting to make all of these areas perfect in your life. Your emotions could get a little complex though.
Nov 12

Mercury enters Sagittarius
Overthinking and overanalyzing things, will arise on the 12th of November. If that is so, it may be good to have some time alone, or you could over analyze wrongly, and hurt someone, or even change your view on someone all together, without a reason, and based on your own observations. Be sure you are correct before conclusions are made. This is a time of figuring out who is who, in your life, and also, getting to know how your mind works.
Nov 14

Full Moon 22 Taurus 38
No holding back on your intuition! The full moon in Taurus will have your mind made up on what you are picking up spiritually, in others, and there will be no changing your mind. Sensitivity leads to stubbornness! However, it is a great time for connecting to the earth energies, and bringing out the inner elemental in you!  It is a time of bringing in the energies of your emotions, because they will start to unravel. A bit of depression is added by this Moon.
Nov 19

Neptune Direct
Back to a time of dreaming and high hopes. This energy being in retrograde, took everyone out of unrealistic ideas, and now, some of those may come back. Be careful to not allow yourself to be easily influenced and hold in strong. True studies spiritually, seeking out more meaning, trying to find yourself, that is what Neptune will bring with it.
Nov 21

Sun enters Sagittarius
The energy of having answers, makes some across as if they know it all. Be careful how you present your passions at this time, so as not to find yourself being misunderstood by others. Lots of confidence here though, enjoy it!
Nov 21

Jupiter Biquintile Neptune
You will feel very artistic, and unique this day. Spontaneous ideas of bursts of craftiness will come through. Create something! Add an idea on to your goals even.. It is up to you but use this energy for inspiration.
15° Libra15′
Nov 24

Jupiter Square Pluto
Jupiter in pluto bring success in esoteric discoveries and the feeling of being even more enlightened in alot of ways, through the hard word and studies you have been pursuing.

The energies of the planets can have reverse or enhanced/decreased effects on others, depending on their signs and energies specifically. Obtain an astrology report for yourself  directly, for more accuracy pertaining to your life. Alura's -Astrology

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